Model vs Mountain

I was cold and my feet were wet
I was hungry, tired, exhausted in fact
I was dressed more 'model' than 'mountaineer'
... and I had the time of my life!

Modelling has taken me on many adventures, and this one tops them all. Literally!

So it started like this... It was early March, Spring just around the corner beckoning the warmer weather at last… and being the UK of course we had the worst snow the country had seen for years. The trip was already planned, accommodation booked, outfits packed, locations scouted, but a blizzard worthy of Game of Thrones stood between us and our base for the week. Was that going to stop me? Absolutely not!

Many snow-covered miles and a day’s travel later I arrived in Scotland for a week’s modelling work. The accommodation was stunning, a log cabin on the shore of a lake. Wild geese nearby so friendly they’d eat from my hand (but that’s another story). The cabin was rustic outside and modern within, it was perfect. I found my room, unpacked several suitcases (models don’t travel light you know) and I was home. Well, for the week anyway!

I knew my week would be spent travelling and shooting in all kinds of interesting places ranging from the Lake District to the Scottish Highlands. I wasn't truly prepared for how beautiful the scenery would be though.

So this one particular day the team and I took a day trip to climb Gowbarrow Fell mountain. I must say my first reaction was that I had no words. The entire landscape was stunning, I was speechless. Those of you that know me know I’m never lost for words, so this place must be special.

We trekked alongside Ullswater Lake, following a rocky path through woodland, crossing rivers, passing stunning waterfalls and lakes all covered in ice and snow. Did you see the half frozen waterfall on my Instagram story? An hour later we reached the foot of the mountain.

The mountain was steep. I kept slipping and sliding, managing to stay on my feet until the snow was so deep it reached up to my knees. The amount I stumbled on the way up it was inevitable my jeans would get wet and it was starting to get chilly. (My jeans I might add were fashionably ripped – not entirely sensible I suppose but I had to look the part). Bumping into other people on the way was great too, having a nice chat as we all took the same path towards the same goal. I’ve had many fun moments on my travels but this was by far best yet.

We climbed for hours to reach the summit. We may not have needed ropes and equipment, but believe me it was no easy climb! We battled the cold and the snow, dodged knee-deep muddy puddles of icy water (I know they were icy because I didn’t manage to dodge them all), crawled, slipped, and basically fought our way to the top. And that’s where it happened, an event more rare than a solar eclipse, I was speechless. Stunned into silence, knowing our epic climb had been worth it, simply appreciating such an amazing view... Who knew anything could be so breath-taking..?

Just for a moment time stood still.

Then instantly back to reality. The light was beginning to fade. Reluctantly, after taking some photos to immortalise the moment, we set off on our way back down. Again, those of you who know me won’t be at all surprised that I decided to run down the mountain. That’s right, run! Did it work? No. Was it fun? Hilarious! To be fair I think it did save some time, you know, running through ice and snow on the side of a mountain and we all just had a great laugh.

I'm excited for my next adventures and can’t wait to share more experiences and travel stories with you all.

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  1. Great story Tyla! Your writing makes it seem like ones right there with you! Can’t wait to read more from your adventures in the future

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